Hambon General Trading P.L.C

Hambon general trading is a private limited company (PLC) established in September 2007 G.C. Our company became fully operational at the beginning of 2008. Since the date of its establishment, it has been endeavoring to hold the forefront line in supplying of Non-food items􀍾NFI’s􀍿, Campaign equipment, range of different canvas and plastic products for different governmental, private company and international NGOs in Ethiopia.

Our motto relies on supplying quality item that escalate ostyle="text-align:justify"ur customers expectation. The Company helps its customers in supporting their supply chain efficiency by meeting the delivery time schedule which is critical for its customers. In addition, we known by importing materials globally that can serve our customers.

We always support and meet their delivery time when they run in emergency which could have a potential to shrink the reputation or goodwill of the organization. Among emergency materials request like different type of tents, plastic sheet which is usually important to establish temporary shelter in refugee camps, feeding centres in drought affected areas; different size plastic jerry cans, water jug, cooking pot, washing basin, plastic water cup, sauce plate, spoon, ladles etc. This is a service that help our customers to establish a smooth program/operation specially meeting the required quality product and with delivery schedule as agreed by both parties

In addition Hambon

We employ a working methodology that requires understanding of our customers’needs, their goals and objectives, and knowledge of the inner workings of the entire organization, from the bottom up. Hambon General Trading is continuously collaborating with reputable international companies & government organization in supplying campaign equipment, NFI’s and Shelter/Construction Material.

Our objective is committed to deliver the right quality of product based on customers specification, offering with a reasonable price, at the right time and delivery to the right place.

Hambon Sample Product

Dear Customer here are our Sample Product.

Fiber Tankers .


Plastic Chairs.